Apple names its picks for the best iPhone and iPad apps of 2014


Apple has officially announced its picks for the best apps and media from the iTunes store in 2014. Like Google’s Android year-end list for its own Play Store, Apple’s list is editorially selected, and it eschews well-known apps such as Facebook and Twitter for lesser known gems.

Apple selected Elevate Brain Training as its iPhone app of the year, which has been downloaded over 5 million times since the “personal trainer for the brain” came out earlier this year. It’s a free app, but requires a $5 monthly fee to unlock the whole range of brain games. Apple’s app of the year last year was Duolingo, a similar educational game focused on learning languages.

The runner-up iPhone app of the year is Hyperlapse, Instagram’s innovative image stabilizing video program. Threes, a wildly addictive $3 puzzle app that succeeded even with an (inferior) free clone widely available, has been named…

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